Lux & Lemonade

A brand new branch of the tree of my life’s work
(currently slowly but surely growing behind the scenes)

“When life gives you lemons… make lemonade!”

Lux & Lemonade:

where Lux (light) is shed on ‘lemony’ situations
to transform them into something more positive and invigorating.

The seed of ‘Lux & Lemonade’ was received and planted at the end or March 2023, a couple of days after my 48th birthday, when life gave me a ‘present’ that I never saw coming and that has changed me, my life and my ways of looking at myself and life profoundly – and forever. It was both a ‘lemon’ and ‘lemonade’ at the same time, and it has given a whole new dimension to gnothi seauton, “know thyself” – the aphorism that has always been the motto of my journey through life.

I am currently still in the process of processing the impact of the ‘lemony-lemonade present’ that I was given and learning to ‘lean into’ my new reality and the specific journey I am on right now.

Later on, I will start sharing about this journey – and that is when it will become clear what ‘Lux & Lemonade’ is about and will be dedicated to.

Stay tuned!

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