Personal Reading | 1, 2 or 3 questions

If you’d like me to create a reading for you to shed light on a specific question or multiple questions you have in mind, you can purchase a 30 minutes or a 60 minutes personal reading.

If you purchase a 30 minutes reading you may sumbit 2 questions.
If you purchase a 60 minutes reading you may submit 3 questions.

Your personal reading will berecordedand then uploaded to my Vimeo account (unlisted, not accessible to anyone without the access link). Once your video is in my Vimeo account I will send you the link that enables you todownloadthe video to your own device. (And don’t worry; you do not have to have or create a Vimeo account to be able to download your video 🙂 ).

When creating a personal reading I always work with multiple decks at the same time. I cannot tell you in advance which decks I will be using in your reading; I pick the decks in the moment, intuitively, trusting that the decks I feel enclined to use contain the perfect ‘messengers’ to convey the messages meant for you.

“I feel so blessed for having received such a beautiful reading… It took me some time to ‘digest’ it and allow the information to ‘land’ but it provides so much confirmation and generates so much acceptance. I will be listening to it many more times… This is so exquisite! A beautiful way of reading, too. Crystal clear, extensive and in-depth… Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!”– N.S.

The following applies to all personal readings that I offer:

• Your personal reading is a digital download. You will receive an email with a download link when your reading is ready to be downloaded.

• Your reading will be a recorded reading created specifically for you. The information provided by you upon purchasing will serve as a prompt for the information to start coming through when I do your reading. I will address you personally at the beginning of the reading and will shuffle and draw the cards in the moment, on camera, so you know for a fact that the cards showing up are specifically for you.

• The spread(s) and deck(s) I use will vary from reading to reading since I always use the deck(s) and spread(s) most suited for that specific reading in that very moment. A spread can be quite extensive – depending also on the amount of time available – but since I get a lot of information through my clair senses I do not always need an extensive spread. The cards are merely doorways leading me to (parts of) the information I need to perceive for you. Every reading is different and I do not work with fixed formats or a fixed number of cards; I do what is needed for you in that specific moment, to the best of my abilities in the timeframe available.

• I always work intuitively and psychically, in tandem with Spirit, and I do not read cards ‘by the book’ / strictly according to their ‘official’ meanings. The cards are my allies helping me to connect to (part of) the information that wants to come through; they serve as ‘stepping stones’. Since I work intuitively and psychically not all the information that I perceive and mention while reading for you will be visible in the cards/spreads.

• I will read for you in a quiet space and moment, offline, and will record your entire reading on video. The camera will be pointed at the cards (and my hands when shuffling or showing cards in close up) and you will hear my voice clearly in the recorded video. The focus of the reading is on the messages coming through for you – and not on showing my face on camera 😉.

• As mentioned above, your question will serve as a prompt for your reading. Once your payment has been processed I will send you an e-mail with the invoice pertaining to your purchase. I will then ask you to let me know, via email, your question(s). Your question(s) need(s) to be clear and specific. The more specific you are, the better the information coming through will be.

• In order for me to be able to perceive the correct information and address you properly I need to know your real first name so please include your real first name in the information you share with me. In case your first name is not easily recognisable (to a western european person such as myself) as pertaining to a ‘male’ or ‘female’, please let me know your gender so I can address you properly.

• In my readings I only use the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ when referring to individuals, since this is how Spirit communicates with me. Thinking about consciously translating that into different pronouns would pull me out of the depth of my connections, which would do your reading no good. I can only offer high quality readings when I do not have to actively think about things myself.

• I am unable to honor follow up questions once the reading has been done, since I will no longer be ‘plugged into’ the energy and information fields pertaining to your reading once the reading has been brought to closure. I trust you will understand and respect this.

• It is not possible to purchase a reading about someone else. By purchasing a personal reading you are giving me consent to look into the energy and information fields pertaining to you personally. That consent is key and ‘sacred’ to me. Looking at someone else’s energy and information fields without that person having given consent to do so would be unethical and is not something I do.

Turnaround times for personal readings are currently as follows:
– 30 minutes reading: 3-5 working days from the moment I have received your question via email.
– 60 minutes reading: 4-8 working days from the moment I have received your question via email.
Exception: December & January ► Readings purchased in the month of December and in the first half of January will be created and sent after mid January. If you’d like to receive your reading in 2022, please purchase your reading before the month of November is over!

I will do my best to send you the download link to your recorded reading as soon as I can but please be aware: if the question / information provided by you upon purchasing is not quite clear enough to serve as a proper prompt for your reading I will need to ask for some additional information before I can start reading for you. This extra communication may influence the turnaround time so please be as clear and specific as you can when purchasing – so we can avoid delays.

• Once I have finished recording your reading and editing the video for your convenience I will upload your video to a safe server where it will only be accessible to myself and the person I share the download link with: you. I will then send you an email containing the download link. Once downloaded, your video is forever yours. 😊

IMPORTANT: Make sure you download your video within a week from receiving the download link. For privacy reasons / European GDPR compliance I have to delete your video from my own files and the safe server within a week from making the download available. Once it has been deleted I will not be able to retrieve the video and the provided download link will no longer give access to your video. (!) So please download your video within a week and store it safely on your own device.

• Since a lot of my time is dedicated to my spiritual practices and the various branches of the tree of my life’s work I am not always readily available when it comes to messages. I kindly ask you to respect and understand this. I will respond to messages as soon as I can but please be aware that I am not constantly online and oftentimes spend my days off in Nature, connected to Nature’s technology only.

• The personal video readings you can book on this page are in English, unless you ask me to speak Dutch or Italian. My native language is Dutch and I am fluent in Italian (near native level; I have lived and worked in Italy and have an academic Master’s degree in Teaching Italian). If you want me to do your reading in Dutch or Italian, please send me a message to specificy so upon purchasing. If not explicitly specified otherwise, I will speak English during your reading.

Please be aware:

• The starting point for a personal reading is and should always be a genuine request and curiosity on your behalf to gain insight and/or information about a specific situation/a number of specific situations. Your attitude towards the reading influences the quality of the reading.

• All readings that I offer aim to provide you with more insight(s) and information regarding topics/situations currently present in your life. The central theme and aim lying at the core of all the services I offer is my intention and mission to help, guide and support people in their processes ofcoming back home to themselves and in all my services the focus is, therefore, on the person I am working with or for:YOU
The focus of my readings is on that which may help and support you in the here and now and on the energy and information fields connected to what you are currently experiencing in this earthly life.

• Spirit, Ancestors and Nature will never tell us what to do – our decisions are up to us and our free will is always to be honored and respected. (This is why I will never do a ‘Yes/No’ type of reading). My readings can provide insights, additional information and new perspectives but it is ultimately up to you to interpret the information as you best see fit and work with it in whatever way you choose to work with it. Your actions, thoughts, feelings, decisions and responsibilities are yours and yours alone and no one but you is responsible for your actions, thoughts, feelings and decisions.

My readings do not ‘predict’ anything. They may show potential future possibilities, yet as we know energy is fluid, scenarios may change over time and there are lots of variables influencing potentialities, both in the Spirit realms and in our physical life. The future is not set in stone and it is through our own thoughts, feelings, energies and actions that we co-create our reality. What you or others will (co-)create in days to come cannot be predicted since it is heavily depending on human actions and human free will.

• I will always be respectful and calm but will not sugarcoat anything or beat around the bush. My readings are aimed at bringing forth the energetic truth as it presents itself to me, for you. This may not always align with what you would want to hear. Spirit gives us what we need, which is not necessarily what we want or even like. If you cannot accept this, please refrain from purchasing a reading.

• I do not do personal love readings and do not look into questions such as ‘Will he/she choose me/pick me/leave me?’, ‘When will I have a new love story/relationship/job/place to live?’, ‘When will I get what I deserve?’, ‘When will karma take care of X?’, ‘When will I get the job of my dreams?’ or ‘Will I ever have children?’. Also, I do not look into matters of life and death (e.g. pregnancies, births, passings), I do not look into (nor receive) any information regarding medical, psychiatrical or health issues and it is not possible to purchase a reading for or about another person. I do not connect with specific individual loved ones you have known in this lifetime and who have passed and will therefor not accept questions like ‘What message does my grandmother / father / friend / partner / sister / child / pet in Spirit have for me’? My readings are aboutYOU– you and your possibilities for growth, expansion, healing, empowerment and reconnecting with who you truly are, so that you can (better) align your own choices with what is true, best or appropriate for you.

• I do not look into legal matters/procedures, financial matters/procedures and/or situations involving crime/criminal aspects, violence and/or sexual content.

• I do not look into medical and/or psychiatrical matters and my readings are not in any way, moment, situation or circumstance to be considered or seen as (a substitute for) a therapeutical, medical, paramedical, psychological and/or psychiatrical consultation and do not in any way intend to have a therapeutical or healing nature or effect. Please seek professional help if you are in need of help/support in any of these areas. Please read the disclaimer before purchasing a reading.

• A readingcan never be a ‘prediction of a future event’and should never, in any case or circumstance, be seen, considered or interpreted as such. As human beings we are at all times able to influence or change, through our own actions, potential future possibilities/scenarios and the future is NOT set in stone. We all have a personal responsibility to actively and consciously use our sovereignty and free will to (help) make manifest the things we wish to see manifested in our lives. Having said that: a Lux Reading can provide you with insights that can help you understand things, see things from a different perspective, gain more clarity or gain a better, or different, understanding of the larger context of things. However, YOU are the one who decides how you personally interpret the information present in the reading and you are the sole person responsible for your actions.

• Intuitive readings, tarot readings and psychic readings have to be considered, at all times, being consultations of an experimental nature and character one can never derive any guarantees, claims or rights from. According to man made law they are ‘for entertainment purposes only’. The receiver of a reading is at all times and in all cases solely responsible for deciding how he/she interprets the information included in the reading and what he/she does or doesn’t do with the information. I, Sharon Kersten, am NOT responsible for your interpretations, thoughts and/or actions. Personal responsibility is of utmost importance – always, and especially when purchasing and receiving a reading.

• You have to be at least 18 years old to purchase a reading.

• I respectfully reserve the right to decline a reading if I experience a misalignment between your request and/or energy and my abilities and/or energy. Should such be the case, I will send you a message to inform you about this and will, of course, return the amount paid by you as soon as possible.

• I can only offer a limited amount of readings per week/month. If a reading is sold out, please revisit the website at a later time. The purchase module will reappear when I can accept new bookings.

• Please read the FAQ before purchasing a reading. It contains answers to questions you may have and will help you understand if my readings are what you are looking for.

• All purchases and payments are final. No refunds. No rescheduling. Please order responsibly.

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Once I’ve received confirmation of your payment I will contact you, per email, within 48 hours to send you the invoice of your purchase and ask you to email me your question(s).

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