About the Shamanic Shaz Readings

The ‘Shamanic Shaz Readings’ are a relatively new branch of the tree of my life’s work – a branch whose twigs are called ‘Inner Child Reading‘, ‘Ancestor Guidance Reading‘, ‘Spirit Guidance Reading‘, ‘Elements & Allies for Inner Alchemy Reading‘ and ‘Shadow Work Reading‘.

The seed of this new branch has been planted by Spirit during the Spring Equinox of 2022. After having been offering several types of readings (card readings, Flux readings, Psychic Scans and Auragraphs) for 11 years, it was made clear to me that the time had come for the Shamanic Shaz Readings to come into existence, that they may bring their ‘Medicine’ to whomever feels drawn to them.

My name is Sharon and I was born into this earthly incarnation in 1975, when the Red Hawks of the Thunderbird group travelled through the Medicine Wheel, the catholic religion celebrated Easter Friday and the Sun was in Aries in my 8th house. I had nearly died during the birth process and had lost my twin in the womb in the earlier stages of womb life yet there I was, alive and kicking, brought into this world to experience this current incarnation – not at all an easy one, yet one that would turn out to be a very spiritually rewarding one.

My close friends here on Earth call me Shaz and my Spirit friends and helpers brought me the nickname ShamanShaz, but I am not a native Shaman – at least not in this lifetime 😉. Yet I do live in a cabin in the woods surrounded by Nature, in close relationship with the Plant & Animal Kingdom, and I do live a life in service of Spirit, Humankind and all that which is Nature.

I have dedicated my life to the healing arts and the intuitive arts, supporting people in their processes of personal & spiritual growth, healing and transformation. I have been doing this ‘work’ professionally for 14 years now, as a certified coach, counselor and trainer with an academic Master in Teaching, by means of an approach where in-depth psychological and psychospiritual work, energy work and embodiment practices go hand in hand with my innate intuitive, psychic and mediumistic abilities, my connection with the realms of Spirit and Nature and the esoteric knowledge I carry within. Over the past 14 years I have been honored to work with thousands of individuals through the services I offer and have been offering.

Honoring, communing and working with Spirit, Nature and Nature’s creatures is nowadays an integral part of my everyday life & practices. Travelling between realms and extrasensory perception have always been quite normal for me – yet I didn’t always consciously understand that that was what I was doing. I was born into this lifetime with multiple clair and ‘shamanic’ abilities and strong connections to the Spirit realms and Nature’s creatures but I partly shut down my abilities in the aftermath of traumatic events in my younger years – and reembraced them in my thirties.

My personal path through this earthly life has been quite the shamanic journey, including complex trauma, multiple Dark Nights of the Soul, a number of profound initiations and many a personal ‘Death’, all of which has led to intense processes of deep inner alchemy, hands on experience with soul retrieval and multiple ‘phoenix rising’ moments of rebirth.
Death, loss and rebirth have been constant themes in my life that I have learned to dance with and have come to respect a lot, and the archetypal energy of the Wounded Healer has been present in and working through me for a long time now – for a higher purpose, as I have come to comprehend. As I progressed on my personal path and learned how to go about healing oneself on profound levels through genuine deep inner work, my abilities and powers intensified, my team of allies grew and my love for Spirit, Nature and Humankind deepened, which has ultimately led me to making the conscious choice of dedicating my life and ‘work’ to being in service of Spirit, Nature and Humankind.

Considering all the above… I can see why I was given the nickname ShamanShaz. As Alberto Villoldo once said: “Shamanism is not a course, but a life journey”. I’ve come to understand that it is, undeniably, the journey of this lifetime of mine.

The name of the this specific branch of the tree of my life’s work is derived from the nickname I was given. I dedicate it to my friends and helpers in Spirit who brought me that name and to all of Nature’s and Spirit’s energies supporting me in my journey and my work.
I will honor it as I tread upon this Earth, with humility, heartfelt gratitude and profound respect for all shamanic traditions and practices present in this world, trusting that these readings will bring forth the ‘Medicine’ that those who feel drawn to them will benefit from.

I thank you for visiting my website and showing interest in my life’s work.

It will be an honor to read for you and bring forth information that may help you progress on your path.

With love and respect,