FAQ Lux Readings (English)

Since when have you been doing this work?

I have been offering readings, professionally, for 11 years now. I have been working in the field of the intuitive arts and the healing arts, as a professional and full time, for 14 years now. You can read more about me, my qualifications and the fields of expertise I have dedicated myself to on this page (the page is written in Dutch, my native language; use the orange ‘Translate’ button in the lower right corner of the page for an automagic computer generated translation that will be far from perfect but will enable you to get the gist).

Do I *need to* submit a specific question? And would some context information be helpful?

Yes, if you purchase a 20, 35 or 45 minutes Lux Reading I need you to submit a specific question. Your question serves as a prompt for the reading and you asking the question makes it clear that you have a *genuine*, sincere interest in knowing what information is available for you, and that is what allows me to look into the energy and information fields connected to you. Besides that, you asking a specific question helps me to ‘zoom in’ on the relevant information available for you.
And yes, some context information will be helpful; it helps me to focus on the specific information that is relevant to your question. It can enable me to ‘get to the core of the matter’ faster and will allow me to perceive more specific information. However, please try and keep the amount of the context information you provide short and the content of it specific.

Why do you need to know my real first name? And don’t you need to know my date of birth?

You stating your real first name is what allows and enables me to make a connection to the energy and information fields connected to *you*.
I do not need to know your date of birth, since I do not use numerology, astrology or any other system to ‘uncover’ information about you. I work intuitively and psychically.

Do you also make mediumistic contact with loved ones who have passed over?

No, I do not actively do that anymore. I have actively worked as a professional medium making mediumistic contact with people who have passed over for a number of years, but nowadays I prefer to focus on the person I am working for, the one being present in the earthly here and now – as opposed to focussing on loved ones *of* that person. In my current ways of working it is all bout *you* – not about people connected to you.

Can I ask a question about someone else (not myself)?

The short and simple answer to that question is “No.” I will not look into the energy and information fields of another person without that person having given *me* explicit consent to tap into the energy and information fields connected to them. To do so without their consent would be unethical and is not something I do.
Having said that: if your question involves a relational aspect I may perceive information about *that relationship* but the focus of that information will be on the aspects concerning *you* IN that relationship – and not on what the other person does or doesn’t do, how he or she is or is not, etc. In the services I offer it is all bout *you* – not about people connected to you.

Can I book a live reading/Zoom call? And do you also offer other types of readings?

I do not offer live readings anymore. I have done live readings in the past but I can provide more in-depth readings when I can focus *all* my energy on the reading itself. Your reading would be less in-depth if I were to interact with you while doing the reading.
And yes, I also offer other types of readings: Shamanic Shaz Readings, Psychic Scans and Auragraphs. I also offer personal consultation sessions. On this page you can read more about the ‘ins & outs’ of the personal consultation sessions I offer and here you can find more information about myself, my professional background and the topics & fields of expertise I am and have been active in.

I need my reading ASAP. Is there a way to speed up the process?

No, there is not. I will deliver your reading as soon as I can but my schedule is quite tight and I work with and for a LOT of people every week, all scheduled. I choose not to add any extra pressure to my schedule – it would do the quality of my work no good and no one would benefit from that.

Why do you charge what you charge?

The prices are a reflection of the time, energy and dedication I put into the creation of your recorded video reading: preparation beforehand, doing and recording the reading, converting the recorded video and editing the video for your convenience, and uploading your video to a safe server where I store it until you download it. There is much more time and energy involved in the creation of the video readings that I offer than just the minutes of the video…

Where do you store my video until I download it? And is it a complex procedure to gain access to my video?

I upload your video to, and temporarily store it in, my Vimeo Pro account where it will not be accessible to anyone except myself and the person I share the downloadlink with – you. And don’t worry: you do not need to have or create a Vimeo account to be able to download your video. 🙂
Gaining access to your video is simple and a matter of a couple of clicks. When your video is ready I will send you an email with a download link. One click on the download link directly opens the screen where you can download your video. Click (on that page) on the download symbol (the arrow pointing down) shown just below your video, on the right side of the screen, choose the highest resolution shown (1080p) for best quality and the download will start automagically.
Important: download your video to your own device as soon as you can and in any case within a week from the day the downloadlink was sent to you because I will delete your video from all my files, for European privacy compliance, a week after having sent the downloadlink. Once I have deleted your video from my files the downloadlink will no longer give access to your video!

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