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If you are someone who likes to read I invite you to explore Sharon’s Seedlings.

Sharon’s Seedlings is a collection of writings, with the exception of a few all written by myself, that contains a vast variety of ‘seeds’. Among the Seedlings you will find food for thought, information you might want to use to your benefit, inspiration, encouragement to contemplate or reflect upon something, invitations to explore aspects of yourself and/or the world around you, metaphorical sparks of light… Just pick what appeals to you and make good use of what the Seedling of your choice contains.

Most Seedlings are written in Dutch, my native language. By clicking on the orange Translate button in the lower right corner of the screen you can generate an automagical translation – one that will be far from perfect but that will enable you to get the gist.

New Seedlings are added to the collection when they present themselves to me.

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