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I am currently not offering private consultations.

Since 2008 my schedule has been filled with dozens of private sessions every month, making for a total of thousands of private consultations in 15 years time. In 2023 I am taking a step back, carving out time and space for a reorientation and the development of a new vision for the years ahead.

The coach/counselor in me has provided excellent results in the lives of many in the past 15 years but while I was so intensely dedicated to all the private consultation sessions that I held, other aspects of myself were put on the back burner – and they are no longer satisfied with their back burner position.

The teacher and the author in me are longing for more space than I have been giving them in recent years and my studious nature, my inner philosopher and my inner artist are in dire need of expressing themselves much more than I have allowed them to do in recent years. At the same time, there is something of an entirely different magnitude coming to the surface and trying to express itself as well – and I know I need to facilitate that process because it is important. It is something that I do not want to define but that will play a big part in my life in the upcoming years.

In 2023 I will be giving myself all the time and space I need for discovering, exploring and experiencing how the above mentioned aspects can most optimally work together, in constellations that are aligned with my current way of being and enable me to create things that are in alignment with that.

I will therefor mainly be active ‘behind the scenes’ this year, working on new creations that I want to give birth to without any pressure. As soon as a creation is ready to be shared with the public I will announce it on my Ko-fi page. New Seedlings will be published here, new Soulful Stories will be published here, and new Tools will be published here.

If, in these times of seeming silence, you would like to be kept in the loop with regards to what I am doing, you may want to consider becoming a monthly Ko-fi supporter. My Ko-fi monthly supporters receive occasional behind the scenes content and exclusive posts that I share with not-just-anyone, as a token of my gratitude for their support.

If, at some point, new spots for private consultations open up I will announce it here and on my Ko-fi page.

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