Between 2012 and 2019 I applied myself to the art of creating “auragraphs”.

An auragraph is a colorful, highly symbolic and meaningful artistic rendering of information that pertains to or is relevant for the individual I created an auragraph for. The information is perceived through intuition or what is commonly referred to as a ‘psychic’ ability (more on that shortly).

Every auragraph I created came with an extensive written reading in which I decoded and translated every single element of the auragraph for the receiver of the auragraph. The extensive written reading was sent to the receiver as a personalized e-book in pdf format.

Both the auragraph (the artistic rendering) and the written reading were 100% personal, specifically created for the individual the auragraph was for and about.

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The creation process – and why I stopped creating auragraphs

Although “auragraph” is the word commonly used in circles of psychic artists to describe a drawn or painted rendering of (aspects of) someone’s energy field, I have never been fond of this word— but I never found a better word to replace it with. I am not fond of the word “auragraph” because it contains the word “aura”, implying that the elements present in an auragraph are present, in some way, shape or form, in the auric field of an individual and that the creator of an auragraph sees, senses or otherwise perceives those elements in the auric field of the person the auragraph is for and about—which, in my case, is not correct. That’s not how my ability works, it’s not how my system operates.

I do not see people’s energy fields and was never focused on the auric field of the person I created an auragraph for. I have an ability that allows me to tap into fields of information that are connected to the individual I create an auragraph for (or otherwise work with). This can best be compared to mentally entering a huge intangible library filled with large datasets of images, colors, shapes, lines, letters, words, symbols, sounds, scents, feelings, impressions, movements and numbers, all pertaining or somehow connected to the individual I am working for or with, and “downloading” the files that are relevant to the individual at the time of creation of the auragraph.

This ability to perceive or retrieve information in ways that established science has yet to understand is often referred to as being a psychic ability. And while I know that my ability is certainly related to my psyche/mind and therefor calling it “psych-ic” is, quite literally, correct, I do not like the word psychic because of the multitude of meanings, connotations, associations and far-out ideas connected to that word, many of which I am absolutely not aligned with and explicitly distance myself from. I am congruent with saying that I have a very keen sense of intuition but as to the exact how, what and why of my “special” ability, I still have more questions than answers—and 30 years of being a diligent and serious student of the metaphysical and the esoteric have not led to satisfactory explanations. My mind works in ways that to a large extent are still a mystery to me. For all I know, this could very well have something to do with the fact that I am a “double neurodivergent” with a twice-exceptional brain/system, being both gifted and an “Aspergirl”, a high-functioning autistic. My brain and system work and behave differently from what is considered (neuro)typical. Perhaps an important key to understanding the workings of what I am able to do is to be found in that area—I don’t know.

What I do know is that my “special” ability, as far as I’m concerned, is a human ability.

I do not consider it being “spiritual” or being handed to me by some external figure or authority and I am certainly not “channeling” any “elevated being”, “guide” or deceased person. Matter of fact: I often warn people against the beliefs and practices of the New cAge pseudo-spirituality and all the misconceptions and detrimental effects connected to said beliefs and practices, and a significant part of my work is supporting people in releasing themselves from the shackles of the New cAge movement and taking back the power they have been giving away to external parties, usually to their own detriment.

I have been a student of the metaphysical ever since I was an adolescent. Over the past 30+ years I have intensely studied a wide array of esoteric, mystic, metaphysical, psychological and paranormal concepts and practices, I have extensively studied the workings of perception, ESP, the human mind/psyche and so-called mediumship and I have done lots of experiments, always putting things to the test, always adding experiential knowledge to the vast body of conceptual knowledge that I possess, always remaining critical and always using my discernment skills—a thing many “teachers” and “false preachers” I met along the way have not appreciated, to put it mildly. On top of this, I have actively further developed and trained my “special” ability over the past 15+ years and since my teens I have diligently been working on my self—my own inner landscape, processes and “mechanics”. And the more I progressed on this long and in-depth journey, the more it became clear to me that what I am able to do is not in any way, shape or form connected to something that is not a part of who I am and what I, as a human being, am able to do, all by myself, without having to do anything ”special” to be able to retrieve or perceive the information.

I cannot tell you why or how exactly I am able to do what I am able to do. I only know that it works to an extent that allows me to work with it, and the feedback received has proven time and again that my perceptions / intuitions / “downloads” were correct—as the feedback on this page (scroll down) and the feedback page illustrate.

The “downloads” presented themselves to me in a multitude of ways, shapes and forms and once I had “downloaded” what I needed, my “task” was to create a truthful, cohesive and meaningful multi layered artistic rendition of the information perceived.

I used inktense pencils and/or watercolor pencils to create a colorful drawing (24 x 32 centimeters, watercolor paper) that contained a lot of information, all encoded in imagery.

Once the auragraph was ready, I decoded and translated all the information encoded in the auragraph and created an extensive written reading that would be presented to the receiver of the auragraph in the form of a 100% personalized e-book.

The latest extensive readings that I created counted 30 tot 33 pages of text in A4 format, single spacing, 12 pts. That’s a LOT of information.

The process of creating an auragraph plus extensive written reading consisted of 5 different stages:

  • Stage 1: tapping into the fields of information
  • Stage 2: retrieving and “downloading” the information needed
  • Stage 3: the drawing stage (which always consistsed of 2 rounds, since I worked with pencils that are first applied in dry form and then activated with water once the ‘dry’ version of the auragrah was ready)
  • Stage 4: decoding every single element of the auragraph and translating the multiple layers of meaning into a detailed and comprehensible written text
  • Stage 5: editing & layout of the extensive written reading; creation of the e-book

During these 5 stages I was solely focused on the information at hand, working in a constant state of hyper-focus, which required a LOT of me. The creation of an auragraph plus extensive written reading was an extremely intense and very time and energy consuming process—think: the equivalent of 3 to 4 weeks fulltime hyperfocused work per auragraph. In 2019 I decided to stop creating auragraphs because it was asking too much of me. I loved being able to do it and for a long time I really enjoyed creating the auragraphs and the decodings, but the price I had to pay for it, healthwise, was too high. Being able to work in a state of hyperfocus for long stretches of time is a quality that I deeply appreciate but the way I was “using” that quality was not sustainable; I was asking way too much of myself. So it had to come to an end.

Nowadays, my “special” ability serves me well when working with people in individual consultation sessions.

Feedback – or: the proof is in the pudding

Snippets of what people have written after receiving their auragraph and extensive written reading:

“So much information! Overwhelming. […] The first two times I read the e-book I cried. It’s so accurate.”

“It’s as if my life has been given meaning and has been made sense of, now that I’ve received a sense of direction – a direction I have been looking for for a very long time.”

“The reading is beautiful. I really recognise myself in what’s written. Bull’s eye.”

“It helps me keep moving forward and conquer my doubts.”

“… every detail, so well explained and beautifully put into words.”

So spot on and recognisable… so true…”

“You tell me more about myself than the psychologist I went to see for a career choice test in my younger years.”

“I have just read the e-books pertaining to the auragraphs you made for my husband and son. It’s as if you’ve known them for years! So cool!”

“So much joy in recognising so much! And tears. Never before has anyone seen me this way. So objectively, and so unconditionally.”

“You have given me more than I dared to dream of.” 

“Clear, loving and pristine.”

“… very emotional, moved… a warm feeling of being recognised, acknowledged…”

“Tears of recognition. Wonderful.”

To read the extensive testimonials the above snippets are part of, click here.

Examples of auragraphs created

Example of the 2 stages of drawing (‘dry’ on the left, water activated on the right):
NB: This specific auragraph turned into a ‘diptych’, which usually didn’t happen.

Examples of auragraphs created in the first years:

Unique, 100% personalized & multilayered

Both the auragraph (the artistic rendering) and the written reading were always created in a state of hyper-focus, where I was solely focused on ’translating’ the information perceived specifically for the person I was creating the auragraph and reading for. Every auragraph and written reading pertaining to it was 100% personalized and was a super personal unique piece of art. Every line or shape drawn, every specific hue used, every word chosen to “translate” the information: they all spoke of that one person I was creating the auragraph and the reading for.

Feedback received from people I have created an auragraph plus extensive written reading for has taught me that the information disclosed in the reading contained multiple layers of meaning that revealed themselves to the receiver over time. When reading the information again after a year had passed, or multiple years had passed, “new” meanings were perceived, grasped and understood. It was a gift to oneself that kept on giving.

I have been told by experts in the field of psychic reading and psychic artwork that what I did when creating an auragraph and the extensive written reading pertaining to it, was “absolutely unique” and “very impressive”. There are other people who create auragraphs but no one seems to be able to obtain the vast amounts of accurate information that I was able to perceive this way. I was also told there was something very exceptional and interesting about the way things were worded in the written reading.

And now? Where do we take it from here?

Although I will not go back to creating auragraphs, I haven’t put my pencils down and haven’t stopped drawing and painting. I just needed to return to drawing and painting for my own pleasure for a couple of years, giving myself the “medicine” of my own artistic creations. My cup had been emptied and I needed to refill it. Which I did. 🙂

Last year, ideas for a new Soulful Art project involving drawing and meaningful messages started to emerge – one that I am currently starting to create brand new content for, behind the scenes. 🙂
The new project is called Soul Food & Soul Medicine and is expected to be launched in spring/summer 2024.

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